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SHARE your acts of KINDNESS

Of late, through your submissions to the Random acts of kindness project we have reached 30 ideas. Of this, 8 kind blogger badges (how do I win a badge?) have been awarded. The above arrangement of thumbnails represents the acts of kindness collected since December 2007. Click on each thumbnail to reveal the act of kindness. From there it is possible to navigate by pressing the daisy each time. Please do take time to be inspired and please take these away with you to act upon them. Remember….

Which is your favourite act of kindness?

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Do acts of kindness need to be random or can they be part of daily life? The New Horizons Project has a worthwhile post considering acts of kindness in a new light.

“It can often be difficult to find others performing acts of kindness in today’s society as we seem to be developing a culture of personal advance and success to the detriment of others…If you look closely, though, you will find that there is a group of people who perform acts of kindness everyday without a second thought for their own well-being or safety.” (full article)

Readers are also directed to Kindness@work to submit their stories for publication in an e-book. Please support this worthwhile cause and share your stories, however small.

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wheelchair brdige
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Get eye-level with a child in a wheelchair and tell them how beautiful they are. Even if they don’t understand the words, they’ll understand the gesture and mum will be encouraged*

(shared by suhaa)

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Hug your mother. Phone your mother. Write to your mother.
Love your mother.


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Snow drops
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“I envy the sand that met his feet

I’m jealous of honey he tasted sweet

Of birds that hovered above his head

Of spiders who spun their sacred web

To save him from his enemies

I envy clouds formed from the seas

That gave him cover from the heat

Of a sun whose light could not compete

With his, whose face did shine so bright

That all was clear in blinding night

I envy sightless trees that gazed

Upon his form completely dazed

Not knowing if the sun had risen

But felt themselves in unison

With those who prayed, and fasted too

Simply because he told them to

With truth and kindness, charity

From God who gave such clarity

His mercy comes in one He sent

To mold our hearts more heaven bent

I envy all there at his side

Who watched the turning of the tide

As truth prevailed and falsehood fled

And hope restored life to the dead

Men and Women through him found grace

To seek together God’s noble face

I envy the cup that gave him drink

His thoughts that helped us all to think

To be one thought that passed his mind

Inspiring him to act so kind

For me this world is not one jot

If I could simply be a thought

From him to God throughout the ages

As revelation came in stages

I pity all who think it odd

To hear him say there is one God

Or he was sent by God to men

To hone their spirits’ acumen

It’s pride that blinds us from the sight

That helps good men to see his light

He taught us all to be God’s slaves

And he will be the one who saves

Humanity from sinful pride

Muhammad has God on his side

So on this day be blessed and sing

For he was born to grace our Spring

With lilies, flowers, life’s rebirth

In a dome of green like his on earth”

(Hamza Yusuf)


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Photo courtesy of  artonlineart- Marco Musso

Did you know performing random acts of kindness potentially has health benefits? In a worthwhile article Health on the hill has summarised some of these:
  • Helper’s high – Often times, do-gooders experience a rush of euphoria, followed by a period of calm. This sensation releases endorphins, which are the body’s natural painkillers.
  • Diminishes stress-related health problems – By helping others, you are likely to reverse feelings of depression, hostility and isolation, which means you are less likely to experience stress or ulcers. For some, a reduction in stress helps to decrease lung constriction, which often leads to asthma attacks.
  • The benefits return – When you remember the kind act, the health benefits and sense of well-being can return for hours or days.
  • Happy thoughts – Helping can enhance feelings of joyfulness, emotional resilience, vigor and optimism.
  • Affiliative connection – This term refers to the creation of a positive relationship with someone, and such connections strengthen the immune system.

Please do check out the full article.

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*NEW* Dont be sad buttons

Of late, there have been some interesting additions to the Dont be sad network. At the moment, the network is a small collection of links to blogs that support Dont be sad. What the network definitely isn’t, is a community. Perhaps that is something as individuals on the network we might aspire too- being a community?

Following this aspiration, why not take some initial steps. If we don’t know our neighbours, there can never be a sense of belonging or community. So, visit your neighbours.

  • Visit the Dont be sad network page
  • Look up your blog under the letters (join up, if you aren’t listed)
  • Visit your neighbours. These are the blogs listed above and/or below you
  • On your visit do take the time to leave a comment otherwise your neighbour won’t know you’ve visited!

Over time conversations will spark and new bridges will be built. This aspiration cannot be realised without your participation. Please don’t wait for your neighbour to visit you. Go ahead and be the first one- you will be remembered for it.

Please do share your experiences with us here in the comments.

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