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Spring’s messengers

Photo courtesy of Dean Forbes

Dont be sad has been away for some weeks and will return shortly. In the time away, comments have been neglected- so you will find your comments are responded too. Also, behind the scenes changes to Dont be sad blog have been made and continue to be made, improving the blog experience. You are urged to subscribe to Dont be sad’s feed or subscribe by email to be notified when posts resume (see below).

On a separate note, can you recognise what is depicted in the above photograph?

Yes, daffodils- somehow less cliché in black and white-but still all the more beautiful. A sign of spring. Spring’s messenger. The first daffodils are already blooming as the seasons move forward in their perpetual motion. In Britain, very soon spring will be upon us in it’s full splendour…

What are the first signs of spring in your country? Please share, it would be curious to know.

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Dont be sad will be away for four weeks- returning mid-February.

I would like to thank readers for their participation and contribution. Don’t feel that because new posts will not be added for a while there isn’t anything to read- please do take the time to explore

Do join the Dont be sad network.

Finally, Dont be sad would be grateful if you could leave your impressions and views in the comments at posts and share your general comments at the Dont be sad poll.

Looking forward to continuing with Dont be sad in the near future, The God willing.


This was the first poll here at Dont be sad- it had been up for around a week and 30 readers took the opportunity to vote and voice their opinion.

Dont be sad poll

Thank you to all those readers who took the time to vote at the poll.


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Introducing the Don’t be sad network– bringing together all the web pages who kindly link to Don’t be sad without expecting anything in return.

Of late, a number of blogs and websites have been adding Don’t be sad to their blogroll/links. Due to the limited space, Don’t be sad is unfortunately not able to include all websites and blogs in the blogroll.

The network currently is a small but diverse community without whom Don’t be sad would be at a great loss. Don’t be sad greatly values your readership; honouring Don’t be sad with your visits, taking time to comment and sharing your submissions.

The God willing, the Don’t be sad network will act as a hub for interaction and communication between bloggers- you can access the network page just below the blogroll/links to the right. Please take time to visit those listed in the directory.

If you link to Don’t be sad please submit your blog/website at the Don’t be sad network. (If you are already part of the network, why don’t you encourage a friend to join the community?)

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New Don’t be sad customisable widget (colours and layout) created in just a few clicks. I think its simple enough to be useful for the readers of this blog (preview below) and it will keep you up-to-date on new postings etc. Please feel free to add this to your blogs if you are able to and do rate it too. It would be a great help in spreading this goodly word, insha’allah (God willing). You will have noticed I’ve placed a button linking to this at Widgetbox on my sidebar.


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