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You can read the original post, here. Also please take the time to view and comment on more videos at Dont be sad’s channel including…

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The words summarise the philosophy behind Dont be sad blog. Can you see the beauty in nature?

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Of late Dont be sad has produced a short video with thought-provoking soundscapes based the post “Be thankful.” A first effort- the aim to be succinct but also meaningful. The following explains the journey in the video, so please continue reading.


Come and walk. Feel the wind tickle your skin and let the sunlight softly touch you. Listen to birdsong as it sweetens your thoughts. Experience raindrops refresh you whilst the shower lasts. As the drops slowly dwindle you reach a nearby river. Melodiously flowing water instils a much needed tranquillity and then the river falls over a cliff spectacularly- filling your senses. As you walk your cluttered thoughts become meaningful contemplations on your very being.

Does anyone recognise the last soundscape (between 1:10-1:25) before the wind at the end?

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