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“Be not hasty and rushed for things that have yet not come to pass.

Do you think that it is wise to pick fruits before they become ripe?

Tomorrow is non-existent, having no reality today, so why should you busy yourself with it? Why should you have apprehension about future disasters? Why should you be engrossed by their thoughts, especially since you do not know whether you will even see tomorrow?

The important thing to know is the tomorrow is from the world of the unseen, a bridge that we do not cross until it comes.”

(‘Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni)

Tomorrow is unseen so do not be obsessed by its dreams. Not only is it unseen, it is also unknown. The passage above poses many timely questions. The future is questionable. So when you look forward remember this: otherwise we will be lost in a tomorrow, that may never come, neglecting your today.

Do not be fearful of poverty, hunger, disease, disaster or what the coming year will bring- harvest the fruits of today and pick the fruits of tomorrow when they ripen.

The next post will conclude the series and will consider bringing the past, present and future together as our reality.


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“You must engrave onto your heart one phrase: Today is my only day to live.

If you have eaten warm, fresh bread today, then what do yesterday’s dry, rotten bread and tomorrow’s anticipated bread matter?

If you are truthful with yourself and have a firm, solid resolve, you will undoubtedly convince yourself of the following: today is my last day to live. When you achieve this this, you will profit from every moment of your day…”

(‘Aaidh ibn Abdullah al-Qarni)

As the hours become days, days become months and years change over in universal transition, do not neglect today.

Today is all that I have. Today is my only day to live. Today is my last day to live. These are amongst the most important statements from the dictionary of happiness.

We humans are quite averse to these sentiments- it being our last day has a certain solemness too it and thus the thought, however certain, is avoided at all costs. This avoidance leads to procrastination. Yet, it needn’t be that way. Yesterday for sure is past, and tomorrow is uncertain. Only today is yours, so live for it.

Deal with the present: speak good, help others and organise your time. Do not let even a moment slip by with it’s lost opportunity.

The next in this series of New Year reflections on the future will follow…

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“Do not live the nightmares of former times or under the shade of what you have missed…
Do you think you can return

the sun to its place of rising,

the baby to the mother’s womb,

milk to the udder,

or tears to the eye?

By constantly dwelling on the past and it’s happenings, you place yourself in a very frightful and tragic state of mind.
Reading too much into the past is a waste of the present.
This passage begins a series of posts considering the topical subject of the New Year. Traditionally it is a time of looking back to what has gone and looking forward to what might come. In the series, the past (this post), the present and the future will be considered. These should be pertinent at the time of New Year and beyond: there is no limit on how often we pause to reflect; moreover, we surely should reflect more.

The above considers something common to us all, our past. Go back and reconsider: read the quote again. Does it speak to you?… You can not do so with your past, you cannot go back and relive it again. Although this is quite apparent, many people are living in the nightmares of the past. Liberate yourself from this state of mind- the past year has come and gone. Do not regret what may have been at the cost of neglecting what has been and what is.

The next in this series of New Year reflections on the present will follow…


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