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Plan a surprise meal for your parents*

More Random acts of kindness | Submit your acts of kindness

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Run some errands for your parents*

More Random acts of kindness | Submit your acts of kindness

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Five things your can do for your father

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“A gesture of appreciation of what a father does for his children is worth a million words”


When was the last time you did something for your father? Our fathers work hard to make many things possible for us. The following are a few ideas on how best to show appreciation.

1. Share time with your father…

A father may not be as involved in our lives as our mother, but he does love to hear and speak from you. Indulged in our individual lives and we forget to share time together. Try weekly, say every weekend, to get together. Don’t forget the precious advice that a parent can offer for life ahead and how sharing such things strengthens the bond with your father.

2. Take responsibility from your father…

From the day you entered this world, he toiled whole day long, at the price of his peace and rest only so he could provide for you.  We all have enjoyed many things from our fathers, not realising and seeing the sacrifices behind those things. Take this responsibility from him as soon as you can allowing him to rest to give him a chance to do those things he always wanted to.

3. Give your father a little break…

Take over your father’s to-do list once in a while, monthly perhaps. Surprise him by finishing his chores like tiding the lawn, mowing the grass, cleaning the garage, washing his car or any other chore that he usually takes care of. What father wouldn’t appreciate his workload being reduced?

4. If your father is elderly…

Remember to respect, be patient and no matter how differently you feel with your father and try not to express your discontent.

5. If your father is no longer alive….

Perform good deeds in his name like contributing to continuous charity which will benefit him even though he is no longer around and maintain ties with his relatives and friends.

What other kind things do you do for your father?


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