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Share your umbrella with somebody who doens’t have one*

Photo courtesy of walmink

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Days of late: Hajj


Hajj is slowly drawing to an end.

8 years ago I undertook Hajj, the journey of a lifetime- I long avidly to return. Hajj teaches many lessons, not least patience. More than any other quality patience is imperative during Hajj.

I still remember vividly, going to stone the Jamarat and seeing one particular umbrella. It was white. Although, many readers will link umbrella synonymously with rain, umbrellas are indispensable in the desert as protection from the sun’s scorching rays. This particular white umbrella was somehow different- this is why it has suck in my mind till this day. On each of the segments of the umbrella was written the most simple word, made up of three letters: sabr. A beautiful reminder.

How meaning-ful.

I stumbled across this flash presentation recently- it really stuck a cord with my experience of Hajj. There are lessons in patience for all in this, explained with some curious metaphors, so please visit and spend sometime viewing the presentation (note: there is an audio commentary also).


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